The 10x Investing Course Plus Package

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This is a beginner to intermediate level investing course designed to help you invest your first $100 or as much as you want.

Showing the multiple paths we have taken to 10x some investments and the ones that are on their way to 10x returns. This is not get-rich-quick advice that only works when the market is doing well. It is sustainable, God-honoring, and based off of timeless principles.

The course will cover everything a beginner needs to make their 1st investment and all the actual tools, strategies, and methods I have used to pick some investments that have yielded over 10x returns over my last 16 years as an investor.

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Upon completion you will:

Have gotten your risk tolerance accessed and know which investments are best for your personality type.

Have seen my exact investments, where I bought them, and the strategy behind WHY I invest where and how I do

Know the best investing platforms to buy stocks, ETFs, Index Funds, Mutual funds, real estate, and a lot more.

Know exactly HOW to make the actual investment.

Understand two separate Billionaires' actual investing strategies (and how to follow them in 10 mins)

Know exactly how much you need to save/invest each month to reach your investment goals

Have comfortably invested your money into investments you understand that will help you build wealth for decades to come.

And a whole lot more

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