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lifetime access to replays for only $17

Upgrade to LIFETIME access

The True Financial Freedom class comes with 1 year access. But some students like having LIFETIME access to the class and course materials. You can upgrade to lifetime access today for $17. 
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(un)Budgeting Guide for only $7

(un)Budgeting PDF guide

Get the cliff notes to our flagship (un)Budgeting method that hundreds of our students have used to save more than they ever thought possible in record time!
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The 14-point checklist we followed to give $1 million by age 40

Recently someone asked me “if you had to start from scratch and wanted to give $1 million again, what steps would you take?”

This checklist & video is the answer to that question and breaks down the 14 key steps that we would take. If giving a significant amount is a desire God has placed on your heart, I think you'll like this checklist.

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Decluttering Your Spending Workshop Recordings

Decluttering Your Spending Workshop Recordings

Inside this one hour on-demand video workshop, we'll show you our 4-step framework to financial freedom...

1. Identifying the biggest (and messiest) money opportunities with the 'RFC' method.
2. Managing your biggest opportunity with the 80/20 Budget (aka ‘Decluttering’ your spending).
3. Redirecting the surplus where you want it to go (practicing JOMO instead of FOMO).
4. Enjoying the margin you create from decluttering (how to spend more on what brings you joy).
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